Skylar Rei, Ecstatic, is Fucked On-Camera

Skylar Rei oozes sex appeal: she’s a 40-year-old cougar from Detroit, Michigan, and a former stripper who knows a thing or two about pleasure. She’s equally as savvy about sports and can do foxy boxing, pole dancing and gymnastics – and even parkour!

We got the exclusive when asking what her perfect day or evening would be – it’s no surprise that she wants her phone on do not disturb while sleeping! Skylar is all about embracing naughty pleasures, sharing that anal and pegging are on her ‘to-try’ list, while her favorite dates involve food and, of course, lots of fucking.

But the grand finale to this fantasy? Skylar wants a gangbang! No pegging necessary. Intrigued? Follow Skylar Rei on her sexual journey by checking out PORNMEGALOAD.COM and see all the naughty things she’s getting up to.


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