The young brunette, Violet, grins broadly while tenderly exploring her tight, dampened sanctuary

You may not have noticed, but there is a fiery young brunette named Violet who is quite good at keeping herself entertained. There’s this devilish sparkle in her eyes, always hinting at the mischievous adventures she’s up to. I mean, just recently, she joyfully strutted her naughty side with the most captivating smile plastered across her face, all the while having her playful fingers on a personal exploration of her intimate territory. You can discover more about this vixen and her bold escapades on Just a fair heads up though, it’s not for the faint of heart.

This charming little siren hails from Knoxville, Tennessee and is 24 years of age. Don’t let her petite stature of 5’1 and 110 pounds fool you, Violet is quite the character. She works as a clerk, possesses a 32C bra size and is known to entertain an occasional fondness for anal adventures. Her taste in lingerie? Now that’s an interesting one; Violet only sports panties sometimes. She prefers spitting when it comes to BJs, and won’t shy away from self-pleasure either.

Violet isn’t just about her delectable physical attributes though. She boasts a collection of interesting hobbies as well. From playing the violin to gracing the dance floor with her lithe movements, she sure knows how to keep herself entertained. Additionally, she has an artistic side to her; painting and sketching are some of her preferred pastimes. But perhaps what stands out the most is her cheeky love for oral endeavors. There is nothing more satisfying to Violet than using her mouth to explode her partner with pleasure, with each ‘prank’ ending in a victorious climax. However, she doesn’t quite fancy swallowing; finds the texture of ‘that’ a bit off. The naughty vixen would rather prefer if it was sprayed elsewhere on her body; she finds it fun to play with. That sight, her being the canvas, she finds it rather arousing. You can find more of spicy Violet’s tales at

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