The dazzling patron saint of booty is an intriguing figure to consider

Welcome, my friends, to the kingdom of everything bootilicious! Give a high five to none other than the Patron Saint of Booty! Look upon her glory! Do you see that? That’s our goddess Layla Monroe, the dream of every dude who appreciates a good, juicy booty. Now, here’s a fun fact – our girl Layla is from the City of Angels itself. Some might call her an angel, but we prefer to recognize her as the Patron Saint of Booty. Why, you ask? Have you seen that ‘donk she’s rocking? It’s not just for show either, our lady Layla loves nothing more than riding waves of generous “donations” in all the right places.

Meet Seth Diamond, our lucky guy who got the golden chance to mingle with Layla, the bombshell who has stunned BootyLicious with her mesmerizing presence. Layla’s debut was in the July ’14 issue and she even made it as the covergirl! Little did we know, we were helping her realize her lifelong dream. “I want to be on the cover of a magazine,” Layla confessed to us, “I think that’s every girl’s dream, though. To feel glamorous and be on the cover of a magazine.” Can you believe it? The magazines featuring our Patron Saint flew off the shelves quicker than you can say “bootilicious”. And let’s talk about Seth for a second, he has seen his fair share of booty but admits none compare to Layla’s glorious posterior, measuring a hefty 46 inches!

Our boy Seth showed no mercy and treated Layla to all kinds of fun in various positions, marking the perfect ending to their rendezvous with a hot and juicy “donation” all over her booty. Now, that is how you pay respects to our first patron saint! If you can’t get enough of Layla Monroe, jump on over to BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM! There’s plenty more where that came from and we promise you won’t be disappointed!

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