Wendy Raine experiences her initial on-camera sexual encounter, marked with exhilaration

“Well, well, well, are you in for a treat!” boomed Wendy Raine’s first on-camera partner. “Is this your first time baring it all for an audience, Wendy?” he slyly asked, winking at the camera. This 49-year-old bombshell from Virginia didn’t even flinch. “Oh, indeed it is,” she retorted confidently before looking straight into the camera, “but don’t you dare think that will stop me.” You’d never guess it was her first rodeo by the way she took control of the scene, proving herself every bit the cougar she claimed to be. “I may be 49,” she mused at one point, “but I’ve never felt so fine.”

Wendy was actually recommended to us by another stunner from our site, Una. We always love when models sing our praises so much they start recruiting their friends – it’s a surefire sign they had a blast working with us. Just like Una, Wendy also ended up having a fantastic time during the shoot. She opened up about her preferences in men during one of the breaks, her eyes sparkling with enthusiasm. “Honestly, I don’t care whether they’re athletic or nerdy, what race they are or how old they are,” she shared. “The key for me is someone who’s got skill, both with their hands and… other assets. A man who can keep his cool and keep me satisfied for hours on end. There’s nothing I love more than a man who can make me squirt everywhere and scream out in ecstasy.”

When asked about her dream day, her answer was as unique as she is. “My perfect day,” she mused, “starts off relaxing on a nudist beach with a frozen cocktail for company.” She trailed off for a moment, lost in thought, before continuing with a mischievous grin. “Good company over delicious food for dinner, followed by some dancing at a local hot spot.” But it didn’t end there – Wendy’s dream day extends late into the night. “And to cap it all off,” she concluded, “an extensive round back in our room to leave me thoroughly satisfied.” To see more of this spicy maven, make sure to check out her full feature over on BustyOldSluts.com!

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