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Molly Howard is a cherub clothed in a vermilion dress. With plump and irresistibly soft Molly as your gift, every day feels like a celebration of beauty. Molly has an uncanny knack for handling a man’s attention and knows exactly where to direct it. She is indeed an impressive lass and is quite the giving type, that much can be said without doubt.

We aren’t privy to Molly’s amorous escapades back at home, but we here at XLGirls wanted to ensure that she had an unforgettable experience to dream about in her chambers. To make sure we delivered on our promise we connected her with our top stud for the task at hand. The rendezvous included every possible intimate position, and even included the slightly tricky “piledriver” position. It turns out, Molly is quite adept at this range of hot and spicy ways to make a connection. Our agile angel proved her flexibility quite evident in her previous encounters.

Her partner was careful to take care of Molly’s delicate and extra sensitive due to adornments, chamber. The room was filled with Molly’s enthusiastic requests for more and the beautiful symphony of pleasure sounds. The crescendo of Molly’s enjoyment was reached with a well-placed climax into her intimate domain already flush with her own passion essence. The photographer was right in place to capture the resulting concoction in stunning close-up detail.

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