The fiery redhead Molly Manning, 48, engages in intimate activities with her panty-sniffing stepson

Tony had to admit his dad had excellent taste in women, and he was certainly envious of the fiery redheaded vixen his father had married. But being a respectable young man, he knew he couldn’t lay hands on his step-mom, Molly Manning. So, he did the next best thing – he dove into the world of deliciously sinful fantasies. One day, he found himself unable to resist the allure of Molly’s intimate apparel. Grabbing a pair of her panties from the marital bedroom’s drawer, he slipped into their bed and began to indulge in his naughty fantasy. Just some harmless fun, he thought.

However, his secrete escapade didn’t remain a secret for long. Molly Manning, aged 48, caught him red-handed. Her voice echoed through the room “What are you doing?” She asked, although the answer was quite evident. Tony was a little taken aback, but Molly surprised him yet again by wanting to see it. It, being his arousal! Who would’ve thought? It seems Molly herself was feeling neglected in the bedroom by Tony’s dad and was willing to seek satisfaction elsewhere.

So, she made an unexpected proposition – she would use her experienced skills to pleasure him. And that’s exactly what happened. But let this serve as a warning: Only in the adult film industry are panty sniffers rewarded with sensual adventures. In reality, that’s unlikely to happen. Molly, who hails from Australia but now lives in Los Angeles, said she sometimes dresses provocatively but mostly prefers a conservative look. Interestingly, she also mentioned her preference for younger men and once had an encounter with a brave 20-year-old lad. Perhaps if more sensed the opportunity as Tony did, they could’ve been equally lucky. But remember, try this at your own risk.

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