The lavish rack of Raxxx draws the attention of everyone

Well, well, well, what do we have here? Oh, just a tasty little treat called “Rack of Raxxx”. Not sure what that is? Let me help you out, just click right here. Want a sneak peek? Well, you naughty minx you, you can take a quick look right

Sit back and let me tell you the tale of the girl who had it all – the looks, the body and well… the ‘rack’. Her name was Ricki Raxxx and this little number is from back in 2002 when she first strutted her stuff at SCORE. She was the hot topic at the Filly Corral in Smithton, Pennsylvania, where she worked as an exotic dancer and man, did she turn heads! “The advantages of large boobs is that they are great eye candy and fun to play with,” Ricki said. “The disadvantage is that everyone’s wife hates me.” But our lady didn’t let that get her down, oh no, she was one of many fresh American SCORE models that year, amongst whom were Crystal Gunns, Harmony Bliss, Rebecca Pauline, Lana Lotts, Mia Miluv and Lizzie Mills. And guess what? Our girl Ricki made a triumphant return in 2021.

Oh, you want more? You cheeky devil! Well you’re in luck because you can see much more of our radiant Ricki Raxxx right over at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Trust me, you won’t regret it. But remember, it’s our naughty little secret.

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