The tool time girl brings her expertise to simplify your projects

Check out this link to see the naughty “Tool Time Girl” in action: [link]. She’s a short and stacked babe with huge F-cup tits, and let me tell you, she knows how to use them! Stephanie Stalls always brings a smile to my face whenever she’s in the studio. Not only is she horny all the time, but she’s also a lap dance expert. Back in the day, big-boobed feature dancers were more common, but now they’re a rare breed. Stephanie is a true lap dance queen.

Now, if you’re lucky enough to get a lap dance from Stephanie, remember to be respectful. Don’t just grab her tits or stick your finger where it doesn’t belong. Always ask first or let Stephanie guide your hands. Trust me, you’ll enjoy the ride either way. Stephanie guarantees satisfaction with her long, hard, and sexy lap dances. Guys have a hard time not cumming in their pants, and who can blame them?

In this steamy scene, Stephanie showcases her skills in a workshop filled with tools, but the only tool she’s interested in is the guy’s. She gets her pussy eaten and returns the favor by giving an amazing blowjob. Stephanie knows her way around a cock, so it’s no wonder she was nicknamed “Hoover” in high school. And when it comes to rough sex, she loves it when someone takes charge and really hammers her.

Let me tell you something I’m proud of: Stephanie has only fucked on camera for “SCORE.” Despite her love for fucking on camera, she has remained loyal to us. She’s proud to be a “SCORE” girl, and we’re lucky to have her. Stephanie once asked me why I always give her the biggest cocks to fuck, and I told her it’s because she deserves them. So, if you want more of Stephanie Stalls and her naughty adventures, make sure to check out this link!

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