What makes Shirley incredibly special? It's her hair, her breasts, and her captivating mouth

What’s so great about Shirley? Oh, there are many things. For starters, her fiery red hair that captures your attention from miles away. She’s a 52-year-old divorcee living in Cleveland, Ohio, and she seems to be aging like fine wine. She takes pride in her red locks, and from what she’s told us, a lot of men find them attractive too. Her hair is not the only thing that lights up a room though. Shirley also happens to be a mother, and a fun-loving grandmother for that matter.

Shirley Lily, the lady in question, boasts an ample pair of double-D’s which she fondly calls her ‘big tits.’ She mentions with a smirk that those too, seem to be quite liked by the gentlemen. There is, however, one thing that everyone unanimously agrees on- Shirley excels at giving blow jobs. She’s honed this skill over the years to become a master of the act. As per Shirley, there hasn’t been a man yet who isn’t fond of this particular talent of hers. In the midst of this, we discover another interesting facet of Shirley- she has a bit of a naughty mouth.

In one of her raunchy videos at 50PlusMILFs.com, she repeatedly refers to her private parts as her ‘cunt.’ A term which many women might cringe at hearing, but not Shirley! Oh no! She absolutely loves it! She gets excited at the mere mention of it. She mentions that while it’s not acceptable for anyone to address a woman in such terms, she prefers to use it for herself. She has a ball referring to her private parts as her ‘cunt.’

From what we gleaned during our chat with Shirley, she has been living the swinger lifestyle on and off since she was 19! She’s experienced the highs and lows of married life twice and is currently divorced. In addition to being a daredevil, she’s also a nudist who loves to engage in gangbangs. The thrill of several men masturbating around her, taking turns to fill her up, is what gets her going.

Classy isn’t precisely the term to define Shirley Lily, but that’s what makes her so intriguingly refreshing. Explore more of Shirley Lily at MILFTUGS.COM!

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