Holly Halston had an encounter with the considerably large man known for his big appendage

Allow me to take you back to a rather uncomfortable time in my illustrious career. Picture this: adult film star Holly Halston, dripping in post-scene adrenaline and her husband, Troy, sitting side by side for an interview which I was supposed to conduct. It wasn’t just any other day on set. This was the day Holly took a proverbial leap, deciding to share the screen not with her husband, but with another man.

Before this scene, Holly had only ever been filmed with Troy. The couple had been monogamous, both on and off the camera. However, today Holly had been intimate with another man on-screen, and not just in any conventional sense, she had participated in her first on-camera anal scene with someone other than her husband. Meanwhile, Troy was not at home feasting on ice cream and blasting heartbreak anthems. No, he was right there directing the very scene!

Both Holly and Troy seemed to share an air of excitement and trepidation. Troy admitted he was nervous, but tried to remain professional. “I’ve never seen my wife with another man before,” he confessed, “but I just fell into director’s mode.” Holly reassured me, “We still love each other.” Troy chimed in, “We’ve been married 14 years and it didn’t change anything.” However, it felt like an echo of Indecent Proposal – but twice as scandalous!

Two years later in 2010, Holly and Troy announced their separation. Cue the parallels to the Indecent Proposal storyline, except Demi Moore had Robert Redford while Holly… well, she had Carlos. These days, my discomfort during that interview provides a sense of amusement for my colleague Elliot who often replays it. As for Holly and Troy? Who knows. Their relationship might have been on the rocks or perhaps this experience unlocked a new freedom for Holly. After all, life is full of surprises- both on and off set. All we know is that this scene turned from just another day on set to an intriguing chapter in Holly and Troy’s life story. And oh boy! Wasn’t it some spectacle.

Watch the full scene right here!

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